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Argonite RV-4T

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Radar Argonite RV-4T

The Argonite RV-4T is a modern range of trailer tyres that are perfect for non-powered wheels such as.B. low-loaders, caravans and cattle transporters. This series has been specially developed and tested for trailers and all sizes bearing the FRT (Free Rolling Tyre) designation.



Part NumberSizeStockPrice
RGD0065155/70R12 104N (20.5")0
RGD0055155R13 91N (23")0
RGD0066165R13 94R (23.7")0
RGD0067175R14 99N (25.3")0
RGD0057185/70R13 106N (23.2")0
RGD0059185R14 104N (25.9")0
RGD0062195/70R14 96N (24.7")0
RGD0061195/70R14 104N (24.7")0
RGD0063195R14 108N (26.6")0
RGD0064225/70R15 116N (27.4")0