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Dimax Ice

  • 3PMS, Directional, Winter
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Radar Dimax Ice

The Dimax Ice is specifically designed for those who drive in extreme winter conditions and features a unique super soft compound that stays grippy even in extremely cold temperatures. This stud-less range provides increased safety, control and enhanced traction on ice and hard packed snow making it the ideal choice for extreme winter use.

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Numéro D'articleGrandeurStockPrix
RASYCN0334195/65R15 95T (25")0
RASYCN0231235/55R18 104T (28.2")0
RASYCN0225235/55R17 103T (27.2")0
RASYCN0230235/50R18 101T (27.3")0
RASYCN0233235/35R19 91T (25.5")0
RASYCN0224225/65R17 106T (28.5")0
RASYCN0223225/60R17 103T (27.6")0
RASYCN0229225/55R18 102T (27.7")0
RASYCN0222225/55R17 101T (26.7")0
RASYCN0221225/50R17 98T (25.9")0
RASYCN0234235/55R19 105T (29.2")0
RASYCN0202225/45R18 95T (26")0
RASYCN0228225/40R18 92T (25.1")0
RASYCN0216215/65R16 102T (27")0
RASYCN0219215/60R17 100T (27.2")0
RASYCN0215215/60R16 99T (26.2")0
RASYCN0218215/55R17 98T (26.3")0
RASYCN0214215/55R16 97T (25.3")0
RASYCN0217215/50R17 95T (25.5")0
RASYCN0213205/60R16 96T (25.7")0
RASYCN0212205/55R16 94T (24.9")0
RASYCN0220225/45R17 94T (25")0
RASYCN0232235/60R18 107T (29.1")0