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ZE914 Ecorun

  • Summer, Touring
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Falken ZE914 Ecorun

The ZIEX ZE914 ECORUN by Falken is a summer tire geared towards fuel efficiency and economy while still offering excellent performance. This tire features an asymmetric tread pattern with four straight wide circumferential grooves to better evacuate water along with a dual high rigidity rib construction, increasing wet and dry braking stability. With a size list ranging from 15-inch to 18-inch, the ZIEX ZE914 ECORUN is a great tire for enthusiasts looking to save at the pump.

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FK 50000010215/55R17 94W (26.3")0
FK 59000010215/55R17 94W (26.3")0
FK 50000001215/60R17 96H (27.2")0
FK 50000000215/60R17 96H (27.2")0
FK 59000001215/60R17 96H (27.2")0